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There are many benefits to becoming a member of PDK International:

You have online access to past Kappan articles for free.

You have access to great rates on term life, home, auto, and professional liability insurance.

You have access to the results of the Gallup Poll of The Public’s Attitude Toward the Public Schools.

You have access to free webinars.

You could qualify for awards and scholarships, including the Emerging Leaders Award.

You could also receive project grants, graduate fellowships, and international study tour scholarships.

For more information about membership in PDK International, click here

It’s easy to become a member: Click here for a membership form. Regular Professional Membership costs $95 per year, with an additional $4 one-time processing fee. Student Memberships cost only $52.50 per year plus the one-time processing fee. The half-priced student membership rate includes professionals who are graduate students, even part-time graduate students!

Even better, you can join the State of Minnesota Chapter at no additional cost! On the membership application form, under Chapter Affiliation, just check “I would like to be affiliated with a chapter”, and in the space provided type “State of Minnesota,” or select it from the drop-down list.

Chapter membership offers additional benefits:
• You can help support Educators Rising chapters in high schools around the state.
• You can keep informed about what educators are doing in the state of Minnesota.
• You can attend education-related workshops, seminars, and events offered around the state.
• You have opportunities to develop leadership skills and serve on the Chapter Board.


For more information about the benefits of becoming a member of
Minnesota Chapter 1612, please contact:

Julia Williams
230 W 6th St
Duluth, MN 55407


Take advantage of half-priced membership fees!
If you are a part-time or full-time student, you could qualify for 50% of normal membership dues. For more information, email memberservices@pdkintl.org

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